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The Future

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Release Date:Jul 29,2011

Category: Drama

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Plot : Can a member of the feline family change the very dimensions of one’s life? It might seem a bit awkward, but this very notion forms the underlying premise of this film. Watch The Future online and meet a thirty-something couple Sophie and Jason grappling with stagnancy that has crept into their lives. They are putting up in a flat in Los Angeles, and hectic lifestyle seems to have taken a toll on their lives, and even their thought processes. The drudgery prevalent in their work places, peeves them every now and then, and amidst the entire fray, they decide to adopt a cat that’s wounded. This decision changes their lives to an extent they had never imagined even in their far-fetched dreams. No sooner does the realization that taking care of a cat is a responsibility itself dawns on them, they call it quits at their respective jobs and sit back at home unemployed, but with a hope that things would turn around for the better. It is at this juncture that they introspect and explore themselves; something that was long due. As the newfound space affects their decision and their relationship starts getting affected, they realize the importance of each other more than ever before. The cat, knowingly or perhaps in a state of oblivion, does usher in a change in the lives of this couple, fraught with a catch-22 situation that transforms the very course of their lives.

The Future Movie is Directed By : Miranda July

Starring : Miranda July, Hamish Linklater, David Warshofsky, Isabella Acres, Joe Putterlik, Angela Trimbur, Mary Passeri, Kathleen Gati

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