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The Freebie

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Release Date:Sep 17,2010

Category: Comedy / Drama

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Plot : Relationships are taking a turn and working out to add that lost spice in married life. Watch The Freebie online and see what this statement actually means! Daren and Annie form a happily married couple, who share everything with each other, in their discussions. Be it their love life, bed related things, crosswords and just about anything that happened during the day. Their day starts with a cup of coffee and normal day-to-day conversations. Then, the afternoon culminates into lunch with some sweets, generally in the form of gelato. After that, the evening offers them casual walks, with the night ending with verbal expressions of love and solving crossword puzzles. But, what is not happening here is the physical relation between them. In fact, they do not even remember when the last time was, when they truly got physically intimate with each other. The best part of this couple is that they are quite honest in every discussion. And with this point, they talk about having another partner to enjoy certain personal moments, which actually might add some spice to their own sex life. Now, this is something that they both agree to and start looking for a new one-night-stand partner. Is it possible that this idea would really get them back to their old love life and enjoy every moment in bed, or would it worsen their situation, by tearing them apart from each other? This dramatic movie is really an ode to those married couples, whose life has become devoid of certain private moments, which were present before.

The Freebie Movie is Directed By : Katie Aselton

Starring : Katie Aselton, Dax Shepard, Bellamy Young, Sean Nelson, Marguerite Phillips, Ken Kennedy, Leonora Gershman, Scott Pitts, Ross Partridge, Joshua Leonard, Frankie Shaw

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