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The Flat

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Release Date:Oct 19,2012

Category: Documentary

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Plot: The Flat is a documentary movie written and directed by Arnon Goldfinger. Documentary shows what director of the film Arnon discovers in his late grandmother's flat when he opens it after her his grandmother dies. Watch The Flat online and see the flat which director opens of his grandmother, Gerda Tuchler who dies at the age of 98.They open the flat a short time after Gerda dies in order to clear out the things from there. They find old piles of Nazi's newspapers and years of correspondence in the closets of the flat. Gerda was living in the flat for 70 years. She and her  husband left the Nazi's Germany in 1930 and came to Palestine. Many more of the things Arnon finds that tells the various chapters of the family which they didn't know before at all. Arnon's mother tells about the incident that forced Jews to come to Palestine from Germany in 1930's. To go to more of the deep level Arnon finds the experts to tell about the historical context. Download The Flat and see Arnon who also visits the noble German family which Gerda letters refers too. And many more of the things they find through the belongings of Gerda that has kept under the warps in her flat.

The Flat  Movie Directed By: Arnon Goldfinger

Starrings: Axel Milberg

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