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The Fairy

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Release Date:Feb 24,2012

Category: Comedy / Drama

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Plot: She appears from nowhere. The look is ordinary and you pay no heed to her acts. She looks tired and wants something; you listen to her and give her what she needs. A mundane, everyday activity that hardly holds any significance in your life but that ordinary person is a fairy and she is ready to fulfill your wishes. The Fairy is a film that revolves around the life of a hotel clerk who is looking for a fairy who has promised to grant him three wishes but after fulfilling two she disappears. Fiona arrives at Le Havre hotel, she looks messy and needs a hairbrush and also a pair of shoes. Dom, the porter doesn’t seem astonished; Fiona reveals that she is ready to grant him three wishes. He is a very simple man and is ready to help and in return asks for a scooter as his first wish, his second wish is unlimited supply of gas for the rest of his life. Go ahead and watch The Fairy online as this sweet tale from the Belgian-French-Canadian trio is going to give a nice time. If you are wondering about the third wish, Dom believes that he can wait for the third wish as there is no hurry to deal with the situation. But the million dollar question is does all these fairy things really exists? Fiona gives Dom plenty of hints that she has escaped from the mental hospital and she has developed some sort of liking for him. Probably, he is the first sane person she has encountered after the escape. Also, romance brew between them as she starts to like him as a man. To make his wishes come true, he gifts him a scooter and even steals a dress for a date with him. The problem starts when she is nowhere to be found and he looks everywhere as she has a very precious, the third wish. Download The Fairy and live the fantasy way.

The Fairy Movie Is Directed By : Dominique Abel

Starring : Dominique Abel, Fiona Gordon, Philippe Martz, Bruno Romy, Vladimir Zongo, Destiné M'Bikula Mayemba

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