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The End of Poverty?

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Release Date:Nov 13,2009

Category: Drama / Documentary

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 3.1

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Download The End of Poverty? Download The End of Poverty? Download The End of Poverty? Watch The End of Poverty?
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Plot : The End of Poverty? is a documentary, directed by Philippe Diaz. This movie actually highlights an important question, why there is so much poverty in this world. This movie also discusses, why people are poor, when this entire world is full of immense wealth. Apart from raising the factors which are responsible for existence of poverty, this movie also lays stress on the foundations, on which today’s global economy is actually based. This movie appeals directly to those, who want to understand in depth, the economic system of United States. It, in an indirect way, asks if the root cause of poverty is the exploitation of poor by wealthy nations. Then, in the answer of this question, The End of Poverty? Video highlights that the people, who live with poor living conditions, or who are fighting against unevenness in society, feel that colonialism and its outcomes are responsible for poorness in society. The things which lead to disastrous conditions of poor are misuse of natural resources, more stress on corporate profits rather than the benefit of all. Further, the contemporary system has also affected this factor to a greater extent, as in it 25% of world population is enjoying 85% of overall wealth.

The End of Poverty? movie is Directed By : Philippe Diaz

Starring : Martin Sheen

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