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The Deep Blue Sea

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Release Date:Mar 23,2012

Category: Romance / Drama

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 4.0

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Rachel Weisz
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Plot : Rachel Weisz as Hester Collyer, a lady in her eccentric journey to find the love of her life, has delivered a winner with this film. Destroying herself as well the men around her, this lady tries to seek the love that she finds missing in her life. Watch The Deep Blue Sea online to find how she moves away from the safe and secure haven of her husband, a High Court judge, to the erotic dreamland of her own. Seeking a way out of her passionless marriage, she finds solace in the company of Freddie Page, an ex-pilot. Though she is doused with the passion that she has been seeking in love, she is left emotionally stranded in a world that is harsh and cold. As Page is keen to leave her soon, she clings to him, only making him draw away in to a cocoon of his own. Emotionally and physically drained, she is left hopeless, with dark clouds surrounding her from all sides. As she desperately tries to bring Page back, she becomes all the more hungry for the love that she was seeking from many years. Moving away from the reality and drawing more in to illusions of her own, she is left at the mercy of time. Though there exits the possibility of her husband taking her in, is she willing to move in? She needs to let go of all the fantasies that she had ever dreamt of to go back to the place that was once her home. Would she go back to the safe confines of her home, giving her quest for true love? Find that out when you catch The Deep Blue Sea.

The Deep Blue Sea Movie Directed By : Terence Davies

Starring : Simon Russell Beale, Tom Hiddleston, Rachel Weisz,Ann Mitchell, Sarah Kants, Jolyon Coy,Karl Johnson

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