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The Debt

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Release Date:Aug 31,2011

Category: Thriller / Drama

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 3.5

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Sam Worthington
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Plot : Three Mossad agents including Rachel Brener are leading their lives peacefully 35 years after the end of World War II. Suddenly, through a newspaper clipping, they come to know that one of the criminals, a Nazi monster who is also called “The Surgeon of Treblinca” is still alive. The agents had caught the feared monster, who was tried in Israel. Later, they had come to know that the monster had committed suicide while still in prison. But the agents are shocked at his resurfacing and couldn’t believe their ears. However, the “Surgeon” wants to acknowledge his crimes, particularly the atrocities he had committed on the Jews. The agents are in danger as their version of the story has been proved wrong, and they are required to act instantly to save their reputation as well as lives. The agents unanimously take the decision that Rachel is the one most suitable for the mission. Rachel takes up the work as a challenge to restore her and her friends’ reputation. Will Rachel be successful in her mission? Access The Debt video from here to find out how an old lady tries to return the debt that she owes to her country.

The Debt Movie is Directed By : John Madden

Starring : Helen Mirren, Sam Worthington, Tom Wilkinson, Marton Csokas, Jessica Chastain, Jesper Christensen, Adar Beck, Romi Aboulafia, Nitzan Sharron

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