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The Day the Music Died

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Release Date:Jan 12,2010

Category: Drama / Biography

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Plot : When an individual’s brilliance gets overshadowed by his looks, then he has a very small chance to show his talent to all. Buddy, a young handsome and talented guy, leaves his town to become famous in his most loved career field. After coming to Los Angeles, the man starts playing music in a local club, but his looks are more enthralling for people rather than his talent. He doesn’t give importance to his looks, because he wants to gain success and fame just on the basis of his talent. He doesn’t pay much attention to the girls, who are crazy about his looks. But one day, his chance encounter with Peggy Sue changes his life completely. Due to her simplicity and pleasant appearance, the guy falls in love with the girl at first sight. Soon, the guy gets a chance to fulfill his dreams. The Heartbeats named brand leaves an open invitation for all the aspiring singers of the world. The day arrives and he leaves his place for the most awaited audition. His gut feeling says that he will get this job. The movie pays tribute to Buddy Holly, the famous American singer and performer, who died in a plane crash. The movie showcases all those events, which turned the man into the most sensational force in the field of rock music. The contemporary saga of Buddy also depicts his tragic end, which crushed the hopes of Buddy Holly’s fans. You can watch The Day The Music Died online to witness this mesmerizing tale!

The Day the Music Died Movie is Directed By : Bruno Miotto

Starring : Guy Kent, Paige Segal, Anastasia Lofgren, Brian Maguire, Jon Morgan Woodward, Harold Gould

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