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The Cross

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Release Date:Mar 27,2009

Category: Documentary

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Plot : Directed by Matthew Crouch, The Cross is a documentary film detailing the journey of Arthur Blessitt around the globe carrying an enormous cross with him. In 1968 Arthur, picked up a 12 feet cross and set on a journey to spread the message of hope to the destitute and inspire people to understand what God has destined for them. The journey took him forty years to complete and he covered a record 38,102 miles on this journey. Arthur traveled to every continent and island nation with his twelve-foot cross and met people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. While traveling through Northern Ireland and North Korea, Arthur was arrested no less than 24 times and almost got executed by a firing squad at least once.

The Cross movie is Directed By : Matthew Crouch

Starring : Arthur Blessitt, Matthew R. Long, Laurie Crouch

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