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The Concert

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Release Date:Jul 16,2010

Category: Comedy / Musical

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Melanie Laurent
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Plot : Radu Mihaileanu’s The Concert is a rhapsody that’s infused with humour. With its balanced portrayal of stereotypes, the movie appeals to every soul. As Mihaileanu paints the Russians with barbarian hues, the French emerge as haughty beings on his canvas. Acclaimed as “The Maestro”, Andrei Simoniovich Filipov (Aleksei Guskov) finds himself cleaning the concert hall, where three decades earlier, his orchestra created miracles with music. Let your ears fill with the melodies again, as you catch up with this incredible movie. The Bolshoi Orchestra, under Filipov, saw such a high popularity that can never be dreamed of. Andrei Filipov had to bear the wrath of Brezhnev for hiring Jewish musicians in his group. When an official invitation from the renowned Theatre du Chatelet falls into Filipov-the-cleaner’s hands, the conductor inside him wakes up from dormancy. Most of the members of The Bolshoi Orchestra, after thirty years of infamy and sufferinga, are old alcoholics now. Filipov manages to gather his original Jewish musicians and gears up for a holiday in Paris. The Tchaikovsky concert that The Bolshoi Orchestra wasn’t able to complete thirty years back finally looks forward to a denouement in Theatre du Chatelet. His group of old alcoholic originals is accompanied by Anne-Marie Jaquet (Melanie Laurent), a young and ravishing virtuoso. The Orchestra revolves around the face of the violin soloist Jaquet, and manages to touch a chord with its audience. With many hardships in their way, being able to complete the interrupted task seems like an uphill task in the beginning. However, all of them manage to make it to this very special concert with their sheer determination.

The Concert Movie is Directed By : Radu Mihaileanu

Starring : Aleksei Guskov, Melanie Laurent, Dmitri Nazarov, Valeriy Barinov, Francois Berleand, Miou Miou

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Jul 21,2010
I liked this funny art movie.