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The Cell 2

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Release Date:Jun 16,2009

Category: Thriller / Science Fiction / Horror

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Plot : Imagine being killed again and again, in the same life time. Feel the pain of death, not once but two, three, four times. Sounds frightful? Indeed it is, but is it even possible to revive that flat line? The film Cell 2, talks about just that. This brutal thriller is about a serial killer, who calls himself the Cusp. He is someone who murders his victims and brings them back to life, only to murder again and again, until the victim pleads for a final death. Now, he has to be stopped at any cost, so that no one witnesses the horror of death, repeatedly. Maya Casteneda, a psychic investigator, who was Cusp’s last victim, barely escaped death and vowed to open the doors of hell for the serial killer. Cusp is back with a vengeance now, to torment and do what he does best - kill and kill again! The FBI needs Maya Casteneda’s help to nab the monster, because they are not able to locate him. Maya finds out that the only way she can get the location of Cusp, is by entering his mind, using her psychic powers. But it’s not that easy, because if she dies in Cusp’s mind, she will die in real life too. For a brutal mix of blood, fantasy and reality, watch The Cell 2 online and see if Maya Casteneda can really catch the serial killer with her psychic powers or die another death!

The Cell 2 Movie is Directed By : Tim Iacofano

Starring : Tessie Santiago, Chris Bruno, Frank Whaley, Bart Johnson, Amee Walden , Ben Naccarato, Charles Halford, Elizabeth Barondes, Larry Filion

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