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The Burnt House

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Release Date:Mar 06,2009

Category: Thriller / Drama / Horror

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Plot : You are dealing with a tragedy, and what you need is solace! What do you do? Leave your home and settle somewhere else. Anyone would do something like this and will probably find comfort. But what happens when the same new comfortable place becomes a new source of terror and horror? And what you encounter is the ghost of yesterday. This poetic, nightmarish, low budget film narrates one such tale; Megan and Joe are dealing with their child’s death who was a victim of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. They are devastated and their relationship is in its nadir. Joe is hit again by his mother’s tragic death because of heart attack. They are falling apart and decide to relocate to Joe’s childhood house to make a new start. The new home is not the one we fancy; it has its own past and strange things begin to happen when they reach there. Like, a woman beaten to death by a huge man with a hammer! As time passes, the couple experiences stranger things, which are turning their worlds upside down. The past is appearing in twisted forms to haunt them. Eerie sounds and moving objects, everything is happening as the calendar approaches November 3rd. Watch The Burnt House online to find out what happened on November 3rd? Will Megan and Joe survive this new horror? Something terrible is waiting for Megan and Joe as their days come closer to November 3rd.

The Burnt House Movie is Directed By : Adam Ahlbrandt

Starring : Lily Ahlbrandt, J.D. Brown, Michael Cardinali, Joe Hiate, Monica Knight, Kathy Kriner

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