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The Box

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Release Date:Nov 06,2009

Category: Action / Thriller / Science Fiction / Drama / Horror / Foreign

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 4.0

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Cameron Diaz
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Plot : The Box is directed by Richard Kelly. It portrays the story of a married couple, Norma Lewis and Arthur Lewis. Norma is a teacher in Libby Hill and Arthur works with NASA. One morning, they receive a box on their doorstep. They find a letter in the box with a button unit. The letter contains a message that Mr. Stewart will visit in the evening. In school, a student humiliates Norma, because of the deformation on her foot. Later, she is informed that the faculty tuition discount has been cancelled. In the meantime, her husband also gets disappointed after his application for the position of astronaut is rejected. Tired of the events of the day, they meet a strange man in the evening. The man introduces himself as Arlington Stewart. He gives them an envelope with a key to unlock the glass dome of the button unit. He grants them 24 hours to decide whether they wish to press that button or not. If they press the button, they will receive one million dollars cash but somewhere in the world, a person will die. Does the couple press the button? To know more, you need to watch The Box video.

The Box movie is Directed By : Richard Kelly

Starring : Cameron Diaz, James Marsden, Frank Langella, Michael Zegen, Celia Weston, Gillian Jacobs, James Rebhorn, Holmes Osborne

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May 11,2010
Now I got why The Box movie made such amount of ripples in movie circles. Watch it dude! :)
Dec 10,2009
hi all!
Nov 10,2009
Nov 08,2009