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The Black Waters of Echo's Pond

Watch The Black Waters of Echo's Pond Movie Online Here | Download The Black Waters of Echo's Pond Movie

Release Date:Apr 09,2010

Category: Thriller / Fantasy / Horror

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 3.3

Views: 15941

Comments: 4

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Plot :The Black Waters of Echo's Pond” is a thrilling fantasy directed by Gabriel Bologna. This movie follows the incidents of that dark one night when nine friends meet to revive their memories on a far off island. While partying, they get to lay their eyes on a game and start playing it. After playing it, they come to know that it is not just any ordinary game but a game that reveals the deepest secrets of their lives. After this, the worst of their feelings like hatred, jealousy, greed, lust starts surfacing on their faces. This happens because of exposure to that archaic board game. It has unleashed an ancient evil spirit that makes them horrible and unforgiving for each other. Soon the holiday vacation converts into a terrifying nightmare as their worst feelings take them over to the extent that they boil over each other as dreadful enemies. The Black Waters of Echo's Pond video depicts how people starts turning against one another when they get under the influence of envy and rage. The movie also signifies the way we want to perceive the things and it is not always the ideal one.

The Black Waters of Echo's Pond movie is Directed By : Gabriel Bologna

Starring : Robert Patrick, Danielle Harris, Sean Lawlor, James Duval, Nick Mennell, Mircea Monroe, Arcadiy Golubovich, Electra Avellan, Elise Avellan, Walker Howard, M.D. Walton, Declan Joyce, Nitsa Benchetrit

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May 02,2010
After watching The Black Waters of Echo's Pond movie I will say the real fun starts in the ending part of the movie.
Apr 17,2010
The Black Waters Of Echo's Pond movie is quite a slow and breath holding movie. Yeah you can say this is a good thriller movie.
Apr 09,2010
Absolutely min blowing movie yeah The Black Waters Of Echo\'s Pond movie is a superb thriller, horror and fantasy flick.