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Ten9Eight: Shoot For The Moon

Watch Ten9Eight: Shoot For The Moon Movie Online Here | Download Ten9Eight: Shoot For The Moon Movie

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Release Date:Nov 13,2009

Category: Drama / Documentary

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 3.4

Views: 4022

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Plot : The school dropout rate in America is perhaps higher than any other developed country. In spite of all the facilities, students drop out, every nine seconds. The same major issue has been woven expertly in the movie, Ten9Eight: Shoot for the Moon. This realistic theme depicts an inspirational saga of inner city teenagers, who are from different backgrounds and races. Every kid, from Harlem to Compton, gets an invitation to attend an annual business meet, of the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship. The students, who drop out, are usually exceptionally brilliant. They drop out only, because they don’t want to become a puppet in the hands of the teachers, who produce machines, rather than innovative minds. All of them strive for excellence, but while doing this, they forget that without a strong foundation, they cannot get a lavish lifestyle or a reputed job. In this touching yet enlightening documentary, underprivileged teens, their dreams and success have been showcased. Furthermore, through this meet, out of 24000 students, 35 get a chance to live their dreams and open their own business. In this provocative documentary, the interviews of renowned personalities like Home Depot founder Arthur Blank, Boston Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck, USA Network founder Kay Koplovitz and others have been showcased, with great excellence. The movie also motivates that dreams turn into reality, only when you start putting your effort in your goal. Watch Ten9Eight: Shoot for the Moon online to take a look at this encouraging documentary!

Ten9Eight: Shoot For The Moon movie is Directed By : Mary Mazzio

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