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Release Date:Jun 29,2012

Category: Comedy

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 3.2

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Plot: Ted is an American comedy film, which is directed by Seth MacFarlane. The story moves around a man, John and his teddy bear, which remains his best friend from his childhood to adulthood, who always wished for his teddy bear to come alive, but never thought it could ever happen in reality. Watch Ted online to see what happens when this wish comes true, and John’s teddy bear becomes alive. It all starts when in his childhood, once on Christmas night, John wishes that his teddy would come to life so that they could remain as best friends. Teddy, who is of a cheerful nature, within sometime becomes a famous celebrity and gains immense popularity. As the time passes, Ted starts becoming irresponsible, addicted to drugs and vulgar- he always talks about sex. After some years, conflicts arise between John and his teddy bear just because of his nature. Due to Teddy’s shameless activities, John has to feel shy and guilty in front of his girlfriend and others friends. John’s girlfriend, Lori, wants the teddy to move out of John’s life. Will the teddy give up his vulgar activities, or will John be forced to abandon him? Download Ted to find out the answer!

Ted Movie Directed By: Seth MacFarlane

Starrings: Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis, Seth MacFarlane, Giovanni Ribisi

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