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Release Date:Aug 14,2009

Category: Drama / Family

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 3.6

Views: 9922

Comments: 2

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Plot : Taxidermia is a comedy grotesque film directed by György Pálfi about a strange young man whose family has a long tradition of bizarre behavior, which he takes to new heights. Kalman Balatony (Gergo Trocsanyi), an excessively obese man, has earned fame as a competitive eating champion. His father was a hospital orderly, who was killed by his boss, who caught him in the act of having sex with his wife. Kalman meets and falls in love with the freakish Gizi (Adel Stanczel), and in due time the couple have a son whom they name Lajos (Marc Bischoff), who grows up to be skinny. Lajos studies taxidermy and takes on preserving animals as his career. He also raises some unusually large housecats besides taking care of his massive and old father. When the cats begin to turn on their master, Lajos utilizes his talents as taxidermist to keep them in the house, without their bothering anyone.

Taxidermia movie is Directed By : Gyorgy Palfi

Starring : Csaba Czene, Gergo Trocsanyi, Adel Stanczel, Marc Bischoff, Gabor Mate, Piroska Molnar, Istvan Gyuricza

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Aug 18,2009
Oh my god! I just got out from seeing Taxidermia at MIFF 2009 and I was literally speechless. As I was one of the first to leave the theatre, I took it upon myself to stand out the front and watch the expressions on the faces of other patrons as they exited. Most were laughing in disbelief at what they had just seen, some were white as ghosts and some looked plain baffled. Whatever way you look at it, Taxidermia will certainly make a strong impact on you.