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Surviving Evil

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Release Date:Nov 06,2009

Category: Action / Thriller / Horror

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Plot : The deserted Mayaman Island in the Philippines seems like a perfect location for a television crew to shoot a survival series. With its desolate yet stunning locales and thick forests, this seems like a place created for such reality series. They pick the Mayaman from around 7000 other islands in the Philippines. They plan to spend the next six days, in the middle of nowhere and put their survival skills to the test. The filming is full of adventure and fun, especially because of the cool and laidback show host, Sebastian “Seb” Beazley. However, the adventure soon turns into danger and horror, when the team learns that the local legend of a monster named Aswang is actually true. Aswang is a shape-changer as well as a man-eater. It is thirsty for human blood, particularly that of pregnant women. The crew had ignored the local stories about the island’s ‘dark secret’, and this mistake was going to put everyone’s lives at risk. They are baffled when Aswang descends from the trees and chases them till they can barely outrun it. They are surrounded by the ocean on all sides and there seems to be no escape from a dreadful fate! Will the six film-makers make it through this ultimate test for survival? Will they be able to make it out of the haunted island alive? Watch Surviving Evil online to find out all the answers.

Surviving Evil Movie is Directed By : Terence Daw

Starring : Billy Zane, Colin Moss, Natalie Jackson Mendoza, Christina Cole, Joel Torre

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