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Release Date:Sep 02,2010

Category: Comedy / Horror / Musical

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Plot : Suck is an expertly written horror comedy, which centers on the members of a struggling Canadian band named ‘The Winners.’ Its members can cross all the limits that define good and bad. Jennifer, the sexy singer of the band and ex-girlfriend of Joey, handles bass. Joey is the main singer of this hip hop group. Sam and Hugo want to become famous drummers. Tyler adds harmony in the entire band as a guitarist. In spite of being a complete group, they are not at all famous. Their manager Jeff cannot help them in any way to become a successful band, because he spends most of his time in pubs and bars. To earn bread and butter, the band does street shows and performances in local clubs. One night, after completing a performance in a famous bar, Jennifer joins scary Queeny, who is a bloodsucking vampire. After spending a death-defying night with the man, the girl returns and doesn’t meet anyone. The band also leaves her behind to do a performance in the nearest town. Before the ending of the tour, Jennifer appears in a slightly creepy avatar, and the band members realize that their official website gets more hits than anybody’s expectations. Will the members be able to handle their new found success, which is derived from supernatural powers? Watch Suck online to put an end to this query!

Suck movie is Directed By :
Rob Stefaniuk

Starring : Malcolm McDowell, Jessica Paré, Dave Foley, Nicole de Boer, Henry Rollins, Alice Cooper, Iggy Pop, Mike Lobel, Danny Smith, Moby

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