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Street Dreams

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Release Date:Jun 12,2009

Category: Drama / Sports

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 3.6

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Comments: 11

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Plot : Written by Elisa Delson and Nino Scalia, Street Dreams marks the directorial debut of Chris Zamoscianyk. The story revolves around the life of Derrick Cabrera (Paul Rodriguez Jr.) and his zest for skateboarding. In pursuit of his passion for the sport, Derrick fails at school, which is why his dad is always at loggerheads with him. Derrick’s girlfriend, Samantha, considers him good for nothing and his best friend Troy, jealous of his skills, turns out to be his foe. Things get worse for Derrick, when he gets arrested for skating with his friends on private property, which leads to a big quarrel between his father and him. As a result Derrick leaves town with his friends. At the Tampa Am contest in Florida, Derrick outperforms Troy and a pro sponsorship, along with a new girlfriend, Taylor, come his way. Watch Street Dreams and see how Derrick gels with Taylor’s brother, Eric Jones, who is also a contestant at Tampa Am. Derrick’s talent catches the viewers’ eyes at Tampa Am, when he succeeds in performing a unique trick, and ends up living his dream. Street Dreams won the audience award at the 2009 Newport Beach film festival, for its remarkable direction. The actors perform the skateboarding stunts with so much spontaneity, that their real-life skills as skateboarders become clearly evident. Basically a drama, the movie has elements of romance in it as well. Made on a unique theme, Street Dreams is a must watch for everyone who loves skateboarding or movies related to the victory of the underdog.

Street Dreams movie is Directed by : Chris Zamoscianyk

Starring :
Paul Rodriguez Jr., Ryan Dunn, Rob Dyrdek, Compton Ass Terry, Ryan Sheckler,  Adam Wylie. 

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Sep 30,2010
its a good movie
Jan 06,2010
Thanks! for offering free to watch Street Dreams movie. It's a god movie.
yao te
Dec 31,2009
Anthony Javier
Nov 28,2009
how can i see it anyone tell me please i want to see this movie ever since it came out but i live in new jersey
Nov 09,2009
this movie is cool
keith perkins
Nov 07,2009
i want to see it so bad
Sep 18,2009
Sep 01,2009
nice movie
Aug 25,2009
aii yo no see
Aug 02,2009