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Strangers with Candy

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Release Date:Jun 28,2006

Category: Comedy

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Plot : Strangers with Candy, is a comedy movie, directed by Paul Dinello. It centers on Jerri Blank, an ex-high school student, who quit school, after claiming herself to be a "nut whore”. She is sentenced to jail for her bad deeds. After serving a few years in jail, she is freed from jail. She now moves to her residence of early day, where she finds out her mom is no more, and her dad has remarried with another woman, and she also has a haughty half-brother. Her dad undergoes anxiety-encouraged coma, and that's then she takes advice of her family doctor. She finally makes a decision, that she will select her life endorsement, where she left it. She starts as a freshman in high-school and makes many friends. She also learns that although the faces have amended, but the disturbances of high school are just the same, as she had faced in the early days of life. Watch Strangers With Candy video from here to catch her struggles!

Strangers with Candy Movie is Directed By : Paul Dinello

Starring : Amy Sedaris, Deborah Rush, Carlo Alban, Maria Thayer, Paul Dinello, Stephen Colbert, Chris Pratt, Elisabeth Harnois, Joseph Cross, Greg Hollimon, Dan Hedaya

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