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Release Date:Oct 08,2010

Category: Thriller / Drama

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Edward Norton
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Plot : Stone is a suspense drama that is based on the theme of corruption and redemption. The story revolves around two main characters, a prisoner Stone and a parole officer Jack. Stone is serving a jail sentence of fifteen years for murdering his grandparents and setting their house ablaze. Having completed eight years of imprisonment, Stone feels an urge to be freed or else he will break down. This is when a new parole officer Jack comes into the investigation. Jack is nearing retirement and has just a few unfinished cases left to wrap-up, before he gives up his job. But his smooth path to retirement is bolstered, by Stone trying to manipulate Jack and convincing him that he is a changed man. He gives Jack an impression that he has become very religious, and is determined to reform himself. When nothing seems to work out, Stone also sends his attractive wife Luceta, to seduce Jack into being kind to her husband. Jack is the only person who can shorten Stone’s jail sentence and give him a second chance at life, a chance he well deserved. The ironical part about this movie is that throughout the film, Stone never comes out as a negative character. On the other hand, Jack, although being a lawful officer and doting husband, has shades of grey. This is because Jack’s personality is very cold and inconsiderate to Stone’s situation. After all it is unfair to judge someone inhumanly, just because he once committed a crime. So, go ahead and see if Jack changes.

Stone Movie is Directed By : John Curran

Starring : Robert De Niro, Edward Norton, Milla Jovovich, Frances Conroy, Don Cochran, Enver Gjokaj, Lamont Bell, Liam Ferguson, Pepper Binkley, Sarab Kamoo, Tevis R. Marcum

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