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Stand Up Guys

Watch Stand Up Guys Movie Online Here | Download Stand Up Guys Movie

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Release Date:Feb 01,2013

Category: Crime / Comedy

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 4.5

Views: 2022

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Plot: ‘Stand Up Guys’ is a crime comedy film directed by Academy Award winning director, Fisher Stevens. Three big actors of Hollywood are working in the film namely Al Pachino (Academy Award winner), Christopher Walken (Academy Award winner), and Alan Arkin (Academy Award winner). Watch Stand Up Guys online and see the lives of three old pals who reunites after a very long time. However, they still have to deal with their past as it is trying to haunt them back. Val (Al Pachino) is out from prison after 28 years and served his life’s 28 years behind bars because he refused to give up the name of one of close criminal associates. After a long period Val’s old friend, Doc (Christopher Walken) comes to pick up at the jail’s gate and both re-unite with their third pal, Hirsch (Alan Arkin). However, in all those years their bond remains strong as ever and together they see all those things they lost in their lifetime like freedom, dignity and days of glory that have been lost. However, one of the friends is hiding a very dangerous secret his in heart. A former mob boss has put him in a dilemma and the time to find an alternative is running very quickly. Download Stand Up Guys and see the reunion of three pals who confront their past for one last time to settle all the things that left years ago.

Stand Up Guys Movie Directed By: Fisher Stevens

Starrings: Al Pacino, Alan Arkin, Christopher Walken

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