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Sound City

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Release Date:Jan 31,2013

Category: Documentary / Musical

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Plot: ‘Sound City’ is a musical documentary directed by David Grohl. Mark Monroe has written the screenplay of the film. Watch Sound City online and see the documentary that focuses on the things, which Grohl purchased from the Sound City studios before it closed down in the year 2011. Years ago, Grohl recorded an album named ‘Nevermind’ with the band Nirvana at the Sound City studios. However, after purchasing several things from the Sound City studios, Grohl felt so moved on that he wanted to make a documentary since then. Before the studio closed down, Grohl purchased many things from the studio including the mixing console, a rare analog model etc. Sound City was once one of the top music recording studios in the world that gave platform to many legendary singers to make an impact over the world. Nevertheless, with the time and an advancement in music technology, demand of analog studios decreased. Grohl wanted to make documentary over the Sound City studios that made an impact on the numerous artists whom Sound City studios helped. He tried to collaborate with artists who worked in Sound City to record a new music using the old equipments, which he purchased from the Sound City. Download Sound City and see the Grohl’s efforts to bring together all those numerous artists who worked for the Sound City studios once in their lives.

Sound City Movie Directed By: David Grohl

Starrings: Trent Reznor, Tom Petty, Mick Fleetwood

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