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Some Boys Don't Leave

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Release Date:Nov 11,2009

Category: Romance / Comedy / Drama

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 4.8

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Jesse Eisenberg
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Plot : The story of the film, named Some Boys Don’t Leave, will surely remind you of some happening, that either took place around you or with someone you know. Some Boys Don't Leave narrates the story of what unfolds, after a relationship breaks down from one partner’s end, while the other is still clinging to the same. In the movie, the boy is referred as the one, who is not ready to face the fact that there is nothing left to look forward to in the relationship that he once held precious. The grieving boy doesn’t want to leave the place he has inhabited with the girl from some time now. While the boy is in a miserable condition, the girl is determined to move on and she pays no heed to him. She carries on her life, in the same way, while he keeps waiting for her to return to him. As the movie proceeds, the boy refuses to make peace with the fact that the girl that he loves is no longer with him and keeps hoping that she will realize the power of love that surrounds them. But eventually, he loses hope and the duo set off on different paths. But the parting teaches him that everything happens for a reason and a broken relationship is not the end of the road. Watch Some Boys Don't Leave online to see what lesson the boy will learn, after taking the leap of faith and where it will eventually lead him.

Some Boys Don't Leave Movie is Directed By : Maggie Kiley

Starring : Jesse Eisenberg, Eloise Mumford, Keith Stone, Jennifer Rau

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