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Severe Clear

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Release Date:Mar 12,2010

Category: Documentary

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Plot : Severe Clear is a first-hand account of a soldier at the warfront. The film manages to exceed the effect that’s ever been caused by any war film or documentary, since it portrays the picture of war as it is, and not as the person behind the camera imagines it to be. The movie is a gripping repertoire of the video shots and journal entries of First Lieutenant Mike Scotti, who took along with him his Mini-DV camera, as he set off to be a part of the War of Iraq. Mike captures the most candid moments, the most gruesome realities, the joy, the fear, and practically every emotion that a soldier goes through, right from the moment his training begins, to when he returns back home with the tag of a war veteran. The movie blurs the lines between the audience and the soldiers, making you feel every wince of fear, as though it were happening to you. As the movie begins, we see Scotti embarking on a 40-day tour across the Arabian Sea, which marks the beginning of one of the most significant and unforgettable experiences of his life. As he sets foot on the USS Boxer, which will be his home for the impending days of hardcore practice, his eyes open to a world, which was so far no more than an object of his imagination. His days and nights are packed with intense physical workouts, mental exercises, and tactical studies, each of which brings out the latent soldier in him. Each passing day brings him and his mates a step closer to the three words that their lives are now centered on – ‘Operation Iraqi Freedom’. Watch Severe Clear online to see what these young soldiers go through when they land in the middle of war, death and destruction, realizing that they’ll need much more than a feeling of patriotism to face this.

Severe Clear movie is Directed By : Kristian Fraga

Starring : Mike Scotti

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Mar 17,2010
it is a nice movie