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Release Date:Jan 30,2009

Category: Drama

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 3.6

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Plot : Serbis is a family drama about the Pineda family that operates a run down movie house whose smooth operation is overseen by the family matriarch Nanay Flor (Gina Pareño). The others members of the family including daughter Nayda (Jacklyn Jose), son-in-law Lando (Julio Diaz), and adopted daughter Jewel, and Nanays nephews Alan (Coco Martin) and Ronald (Kristoffer King) handle the different sections. Nanay is to have a decision on her case of bigamy filed against her estranged husband two years ago. As she rushes to set the theatre in order and reach the courtroom on time, the theatre is invaded by a thief followed by two policemen making her realize that she is in for another full day.

Serbis movie is Directed By : Brillante Mendoza

Starring : Gina Pareño, Dan Alvaro, Mercedes Cabral, Julio Diaz, Bobby Jerome Go, Roxanne Jordan, Jacklyn Jose, Kristoffer King

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Apr 07,2010
a very nice movie
Jan 25,2010
nice 1
Dec 29,2009
Dec 08,2009
serbis is nice movie