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Seeking Happily Ever After

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Release Date:Feb 14,2011

Category: Documentary

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Plot : This documentary, with the length of a feature film, does something that is truly iconoclastic. Redefining stereotypes is a task that has left the best in any field shaken. And when it comes to women and the stereotypes surrounding them, breaking out of the cycle seems exceedingly difficult, if not outright impossible. Seeking Happily Ever After is a documentary that sets out to accomplish this very task - that of breaking a stereotype. Catch Seeking Happily Ever After video to understand the way women are stereotyped. The movie focuses on single women who are in and around their thirties, and the way they are portrayed on the canvas, they appear either desperate to get married or are colored as voracious career maniacs, who swallow everything that comes in their way. The documentary shows, that according to the US census, this point of time has the most number of single women in their thirties. The quest to seek the reason of this, makes us face the fact that the phrase “happily ever after” resonates differently for different people. Women emerged out to voice their disgust against the stereotypes prevalent in today’s world.

Seeking Happily Ever After Movie is Directed By : Michelle Cove, Kerry David

Starring : Jerusha Stewart, Todd Anthony, Greg Behrendt, Jay Black, Kasey Blaustein, Jacqueline Boas, Jacquie Boas

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Seeking opinions from people across the length and breadth of this age group, this documentary has hammered the final nail in the coffin of these stereotypes – and proved that “happily ever after” is not unanimous. Watch Seeking Happily Ever After online to relate yourself to these people. Fairytales are no longer a woman’s dream, neither is the dream of being rescued by a knight in shining armor! This is what the documentary aims to show, as you can see, when you download Seeking Happily Ever After movie from here. To ensure that the brilliant message of the movie is not lost while being transmitted, this website offers you crystal clear video. When you download your favorite movies from this website, you can understand why this website ranks among the best. This place offers you movies in formats like DivX and DVD, the choice resides with you - which format you want to catch the movie in! You don’t have to worry about catching your favorite movies when you are not in front of a computer, because here, you can carry your loved movies on your IPod too. So what are you waiting for? Buy Seeking Happily Ever After movie from here and feel the difference!

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