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Release Date:Feb 04,2011

Category: Action / Thriller / Drama / Adventure

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 4.7

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Plot : Sanctum revolves around Victoria, Carl Hurley and Josh, who go on a voyage to Papua New Guinea, in order to discover caves formed deep in the water. When they reach the place, they discover that Josh’s father Frank is there beforehand, having established his camp, with his squad exploring the area since quite some time. They are equipped with a well-established communication setup. But soon, a twist occurs, when Frank and Judes, fellow diver, decide to travel around the unseen parts of the cave. While returning, Judes’ oxygen pipe breaks. After Frank offers her, his oxygen to breath, Judes refuses to give it back. Consequently, Frank snatches away his oxygen pipe, which ultimately results in Jude’s death. No one, but his son, finds fault in Frank for her death. In the meantime, the surface is hit by a huge storm and this leads to beginning of people’s death. In the incident, Luko gets severely hurt, which compels Frank to give Luko an easy death. While escaping, Victoria’s hair gets caught in the diving equipment. On trying to cut it loose, Victoria slashes the rope holding her instead, falls and dies! Carl filled with anger, jumps in with the last of equipment, getting lost in the cave. When Frank and Josh are about to make it to the surface, Carl appears and punctures Frank’s lungs with some stalagmites, but Carl does get killed in the end. However, brutally hurt, Frank requests his son to kill him. Whether Josh has the guts to do that or not, is for you to find out!

Sanctum Movie is Directed By : Alister Grierson

Starring : Richard Roxburgh, Rhys Wakefield, Ioan Gruffudd, Alice Parkinson, Daniel Wyllie


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