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Release Date:Apr 27,2012

Category: Action / Thriller / Crime

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Jason Statham
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Plot: Boaz Yaking brings on his Jason Statham starring action/adventure thriller with a backdrop of mixed martial arts, a faction of full-contact sports that is slowly attracting a lot of attention in Hollywood. Luke Wright is a second-rate MMA cage fighter, whose life is routinely put at stake within the ring, as dollars exchange hands outside it. Winning his mafia bosses, a lot of dough from the arena is what life for Luke is all about. Numbness from pain and chump changes were a part and parcel of Luke’s life that rolled on, in this manner, but without a lot of hitch , till the day he blows up a high-stake match, causing the Russian mafia to lose out on a lot of money. As we watch Safe online, we find the mafia wanting to set an example of the treatment they dealt out to losers like Luke, murders his entire family and forces him out on the streets. Caught in the grip of strong emotions of guilt, and troubled by a strange fact that any associate of him, would face death, in a destitute state, Luke wanders the streets of NYC, where he witnesses crimes that he his life within the ring never allowed a glimpse, before. Luke remains numb at every sight till he eyes the same gangsters chasing a twelve-year-old girl of Chinese origin, Mei. Download Safe to find Luke jumping in to the heart of a lethal war to save the little girl’s life, and maybe, attain redemption for not avenging the death of his family, then and there. Eventually, Luke learns that Me was so simple girl, but an orphaned mathematics wizard, who till that moment, was forced to work for the triads, as a counter. The little girl held a priceless, and a hugely, valuable code in her memory – something, that corrupt NYPD officers, the Triads, and the mafia would kill and die for. Aware that he was the only one, Mei could trust in, he rages a fierce war, tearing through NYC’s underworld, in order to protect Mei, and pacify his troubled conscience.   

Safe Movie Directed by: Boaz Yakin

Starrings: Jason Statham, Catherine Chan, Chris Sarandon, Anson Mount,Reggie Lee, Oksana Lada,Danny Hoch.

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