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Rush Hour

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Release Date:Sep 18,1998

Category: Action / Thriller / Crime / Comedy

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 2.8

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Jackie Chan
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Plot : Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan in the movie rush Hour are worth a watch. It’s a must watch for all action/ comedy movie lover’s. With the movie crossing a gross of $140 million dollars at US alone has been declared a Blockbuster. Inspector Lee saves china’s history being smuggled out of Hong Kong on the last night of British Rule. Two different worlds clash, as Chief Inspector Lee (Played by Jackie Chan) from Hong Kong and Detective James Carter (played by Chris Tucker) from Los Angeles meet. Their temperaments don’t match and working together is totally out of question as they can’t stand each other. But the situations such, they are forced to work as a team in order to save Consul Han Solon’s Daughter from the Soo - Yung. Han asks Inspector Lee to help him as he doesn’t trust the FBI. Now as the time is progressing fast. Lee and Carter are faced with the challenge of keeping their differences apart and work as a team. There is a light hearted comedy binding the serious action sequences throughout the movie.

Rush Hour movie is Directed By : Brett Ratner

Starring : Jackie Chan, Chris Tucker, Tom Wilkinson, Chris Penn, Elizabeth Peña, Rex Linn

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