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Release Date:Apr 15,2011

Category: Comedy / Adventure / Animation

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 2.8

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Anne Hathaway
Jesse Eisenberg
Leslie Mann
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Plot : Rio revolves around a bird, a rare Spix Macaw, who doesn’t know how to fly. When every bird flies, it just watches them! His happy days don’t last long, as it is captured by a smuggler; along with some other birds. On the way, its cage falls on the road and is discovered by a girl Linda, who names it Blu. Fifteen years pass, but Blu still does not know how to day, fly. One a Brazilian scientist approaches Linda, and unveils that Blu is the last male bird left of its genus, and he needs to take Blu to Rio de Janerio to search a mate for him. When Blu reaches Rio, he falls in love with another Spix – Jewel. She is clearly not interested in a bird, who does not know flying! She only wants to flee the place. However, they are once again abducted with the help of Nigel, a cockatoo. After much efforts, Blu and Jewel manage to escape from captivity. Nigel trails them, but it goes in vain. On the run, Blu and Jewel meet Rafael, a toucan who tries to teach Blu flying. After a long tiring period, two birds Pedro and Nico, take Blu and Jewel to a dance club. Here, they are attacked again, managing to escape with some help. However, that isn’t the end. Soon, Nigel strikes back and captures Jewel. Now, Blu has to save her life at any cost, but he doesn’t know how to fly. How will he save Jewel! An engrossing climax to end all the mayhem that can give any action movie a run – Rio is not to be missed!

Rio Movie is Directed By : Carlos Saldanha

Starring : Anne Hathaway, Jesse Eisenberg, Leslie Mann, Rodrigo Santoro, Jake T. Austin, George Lopez, Carlos Ponce, Kate del Castillo

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