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Red Riding: 1974

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Release Date:Feb 05,2010

Category: Thriller / Crime / Drama / Mystery

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Plot :Red Riding: 1974’ is an incredible movie, directed by Julian Jarrold. Being wrapped in mysteries, It is an adaptation of David Peace’s series of novels. Red Riding: 1974 video basically chronicles a Journalist who is trying to sort out the mysteries of a serial killer. This serial killer has struck a terror in the city, due to which the citizens are unable to lead a smooth life. Following the mysteries of child abduction and murders, the investigations of journalist lead him to suspect on the upper level authorities. He realizes that there is a connection between the serial killer and the police administration of Yorkshire. On the whole, the movie is full of mysteries and quite capable to uphold your interest till end.

Red Riding: 1974 movie is Directed By : Julian Jarrold

Starring : Andrew Garfield, David Morrissey, John Henshaw, Anthony Flanagan, Warren Clarke, Jennifer Hennessy, Mary Jo Randle, Rachel Jane Allen, Rita May, Graham Walker, Berwick Kaler

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