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Putty Hill

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Release Date:Feb 18,2011

Category: Drama

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Plot : Putty Hill is a tear-jerking film which vacillates between the fiction and documentary genre. It is the story of a bunch of people and how they are affected by the tragic death of a young lad in their neighborhood, Cory. Cory died of heroine overdose and was just 24-years-old. We don’t get to see any portrayal of Cory in the whole film, except a few bleak glimpses from the memories of his near ones. The story is set in an impoverished, closely-connected community in the vicinity of Baltimore called Putty Hill. To pay tribute to and share memories of Cory’s short life span, friends and relatives gather at a nearby karaoke bar. Dedications are made to him and songs are sung for him at the place. Many of these people knew little of Cory’s last days and try to reconstruct and figure out what could have gone wrong. As they discuss his life, they give the viewer a candid reflection of their own dreams, fears and aspirations. The unconventional style of filming and dialogue are the most interesting parts of this film. It has shadows of melancholy in every frame. As the movie progresses towards its climax, we get to meet Cory’s jail buddy who is also a tattoo artist, and his impatient cousin Jenny. The director takes us through a regular skate-boarding park which is the hang out place for teenagers and drug dealers. More than being about Cory, the film is about the people who are influenced after his demise.

Putty Hill Movie is Directed By : Matthew Porterfield

Starring : Sky Ferreira, Cody Ray, Dustin Ray, James Siebor Jr., Zoe Vance


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