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Release Date:Jul 09,2010

Category: Action / Thriller / Science Fiction / Adventure

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 1.3

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Topher Grace
Laurence Fishburn..
Alice Braga
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Plot : Predators, is a Nimród Antal directed sci-fi horror film. The story follows a group of people, who find themselves in a strange dense jungle. Adrien Brody, who plays Royce, is a group elite warrior. He wakes up and get astonished to see himself in an unknown place. Later, he meets Cuchillo, who is a Mexican drug cartel enforcer, Israel Defense Forces sniper Isabelle, death row prisoner Stans and many others. They all are unaware about how they got there, but everyone has the same motive – to exit the place. They recognize that they are sent here with an aim, because all of them are lethal killers, except Edwin. Shortly afterwards, they get to know that they are not on Earth. Moreover, they are hunted by a cruel race called Predators. These predators consider everything as a game. The group hears Cuchillo's cries for help. Later, they get to know that he is dead and his voice is being used to catch them. The group meets Noland, who is an air assault soldier, surviving there from many years. He reveals many secrets related to predators to help them escape. To introduce yourself to the world of excitement, watch Predators video.

Predators Movie is Directed By : Nimród Antal

Starring : Danny Trejo, Adrien Brody, Topher Grace, Laurence Fishburne, Alice Braga, Derek Mears, Walton Goggins, Brian Steele, Mahershalalhashbaz Ali, Carey Jones

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