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People Like Us

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Release Date:Jun 29,2012

Category: Drama

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Plot: You have never met this person but she is an integral part of your life. The same blood flows in your bodies but you have never known that she ever existed. Now that you know what will you do? Will you go and meet her, what will you say? People Like Us is a comedy drama film based on the true events. It revolves around the life of a man named Sam who is a successful salesman but there is more in his life which is unaware of. Download People Like Us to witness this tale of numerous revelations in a man’s life. The day when he gets the news that his father has passed away is the same he is not able to make an important deal. He is asked to come home for his father’s funeral, though he doesn’t wish to but he goes there. When he reaches there, he is asked to put the family estate in order and later bond with his isolated family, a family he has never bother to be with. When he starts to fulfill the wishes of his late father, he comes to know that he has a sister too named Frankie who is 30 years old. His task is to give her the share of money she deserves. When he meets her, his life changes forever and he thinks about the way he has led his life so far and wonders what is in store for him and his newly found family. Watch People Like Us online to be a part of this uncanny tale.                                            

People Like Us  Movie Directed by:  Alex Kurtzman    

Starrings: Chris Pine, Elizabeth Banks, Michelle Pfeiffer, Olivia Wilde

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