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Peaceful Warrior

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Release Date:Jun 02,2006

Category: Romance / Drama / Sports

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Paul Wesley
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Plot : Peaceful Warrior is an American movie which is the directorial work of Victor Salva. The movie revolves around Dan Millman who is a university student and also a local famous gymnast who has a dream to win a National Championship competition. He has sexual relations with many young women but at the same time he suffers from psychological restlessness. Later, Dan attempts to compensate for his disease by running on the streets where he is encountered by an old man who knows about Dan’s problem. Later, Dan dreams about a person who is a janitor and has worn a mismatched pair of shoes. Afterwards, when he sees an old man wearing mismatched pair of shoes, he gets little confused. Further, Dan becomes more conscious when he notices old man’s extraordinary pace, co-ordination and agility. The old man helps Dan by giving him a series of tasks and lessons and also asks him to follow the philosophy of living life in present. Later, these entire lessons help him in achieving his goal. He successfully completes the US Trials for the Olympics and fulfills his dream. If you also want to motivate yourself and know the mantra of achieving goal of your life, then watch Peaceful Warrior, from here with stupendous picture and sound quality.

Peaceful Warrior Movie is Directed By : Victor Salva

Starring : Scott Mechlowicz, Nick Nolte, Amy Smart, Tim DeKay, Ashton Holmes, Paul Wesley, B.J. Britt, Agnes Bruckner, Tom Tarantini, Beatrice Rosen, Ray Wise

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