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Patrik 1,5

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Release Date:Aug 06,2010

Category: Romance / Comedy / Drama

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Plot : Patrik 1.5 is a side-splitting drama-comedy, about a very unconventional theme. The movie is about a gay couple, Sven Skoogh and Goran Skoogh, who shift to a new, out of town area in Sweden. They plan to adopt a child, but none of the orphanages are willing to grant them the permission to do so. Finally, they get to know that a child is available and are excited about the adoption, only to find out that the child is not 1.5 but 15 years old! The child, Patrick, is a delinquent teenager, who has been living in a foster home. The most interesting thing about this young boy, is that he has come to live with a homosexual couple, while he himself is incredibly homophobic! Initially, the couple and Patrick are scared of each other, but eventually, they learn to live together, after letting Patrick go to another home, only to come back to Sven and Goran. Patrick 1.5 has a unique appeal to it, as it combines emotions and comedy into a perfect flick that no one should miss. Patrik 1.5 is one of a kind Swedish flick, good enough to tickle your funny bone and at the same time, bring out a burst of emotions. One thing, not so common in most of the 2008 movies, is that this one has a happy ending, which gives the movie a soft edge and relaxes the viewer too. This is one of the best works delivered by Ella Lemhagen, as it holds a taste for people from all age groups.

Patrik 1,5 movie is Directed By : Ella Lemhagen

Starring : Gustaf Skarsgård, Torkel Petersson, Thomas Ljungman, Annika Hallin, Amanda Davin, Jacob Ericksson, Anette Sevreus, Mirja Burlin, Antti Reini

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