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Release Date:Dec 28,2011

Category: Drama

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 5.0

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Plot : Pariah is an extension of the award-winning short film by director Dee Rees, which once again introduces us to Alike (pronounced as A-lee-kay), a 17-year old African-American girl, who is struggling to come to terms with being a lesbian. Alike lives with her parents and younger sister, and seems to have a perfect life on the surface. She gets good grades at school, is sociable, and has a knack for poetry. The only problem is that she is not sure how her parents will take her homosexuality, and is too afraid to come out like her best friend, Laura, who is also a lesbian. Watch Pariah online to witness the troubles that this young woman encounters, in her struggle to express her sexuality, while still fitting into the society. A turning point in her life occurs, when her mother introduces her to the daughter of a colleague, Bina, who turns out to be better than Alike had imagined. They get along like a house on fire and Alike finally seems to have found what she had always hoped for. But will she be able to come out in the open and embrace what life has offered her? More importantly, will Bina reciprocate her feelings, or will making a sexual advancement towards her, sever the bond of friendship that they now share? Find out the answers to all these questions by watching this inspirational tale, which probes into the struggles that one encounters, while trying to project themselves, in a society that accepts nothing out of the ordinary.

Pariah Movie Is Directed By : Dee Rees

Starring : Kim Wayans, Aasha Davis, Adepero Oduye, Afton Williamson, Stephanie Andujar, Charles Parnell

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