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Paranormal Activity 3

Watch Paranormal Activity 3 Movie Online Here | Download Paranormal Activity 3 Movie

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Release Date:Oct 21,2011

Category: Horror

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 4.8

Views: 91735

Comments: 8

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Plot : Paranormal Activity is the third installment of the most famous franchise of the same name. This thriller begins with the recollection of those events, from where this scary tale started. It picks up the thread, when Katie delivered some old video tapes to her sister Kristi and her better-half Daniel. Later on, they find that the tapes are missing, and their house has been smashed. Those video tapes have the flashback moments of Katie and Kristi’s lives. Both of them used to live with their mother, Julie, and her love interest, Dennis, who had a business of video making. Elsewhere, Kristi starts living an illusionary life, sharing time with her imaginary friend, Toby. Dennis and Julie experience some strange events in their life as well. Dennis and Julie decide to capture their own video, but find a translucent figure in that video! Dennis sets up cameras in Julie and Kristi’s room to solve this mystery. One night, Kristi talks to someone before going to bed. Next day, Dennis interrogates about the same. Kristi discloses that she talked to none other than Toby. Watch Paranormal Activity 3 online to check out more about this mysterious entity! After some more paranormal activities, Dennis discovers a mysterious symbol in the closet of Kristi. After seeing the pathetic condition of Kristi, Katie decides to do Bloody Marry. After the beginning of the ritual, the whole family starts facing the repercussions of the same. A satanic imagery and a mysterious female figure start appearing in their house. This is not the ending of the disturbing nights, but just the beginning of brutal bloodshed. Go for Paranormal Activity 3 download to check out what they encounter next!

Paranormal Activity 3 Movie is Directed By : Tod Williams

Starring : Katie Featherston

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Oct 23,2011
no words for this sequel.Above the expectations..
Oct 22,2011
Its truly superb..!!
Arnolina Grace
Oct 21,2011
The trailer seems interesting.. I think it is the right time to spend some money on watching it. Definitely gonna watch this flick.
Oct 19,2011
I am excited for the movie as previous parts were superb that make me curious for this upcoming one..
Oct 17,2011
super excited for this sequel.
Oct 15,2011
I have watched its trailer & I have found it really superb. Hope I will enjoy the full movie too.
Oct 11,2011
I have watched its trailer & now excited to watch full movie. Hope it will rock...
john kevin
Sep 28,2011
i like this kind of movie because it has full of trail!!