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Paranormal Activity 2

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Release Date:Oct 22,2010

Category: Horror

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 1.9

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Comments: 3

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Plot : Tod Williams’ take on Paranormal Activity 2 is much scarier than the first one. It follows the story of Kristi and Dan. Kristi is the sister of Katie, whom we saw in Paranormal Activity. Kristi and Dan experience unexplained situations when their house is burgled. Every room is trashed except their son Hunter’s bedroom. Suspecting a demonic attack and the house being possessed by Evil Spirits, the duo, with help of Ali – Dan’s daughter – decides to pass the demon onto Katie. Though Ali insists on not performing such an act, Dan thinks this is the only way he can save the life of his wife and son. With the help from Martine, the family housekeeper, he prepares a cross that will pass the demon onto another blood relative and because Kristi was the one possessed by the demon at present, it was imperative that the demon will enter into Katie’s body. Once Dan successfully transports the demon onto Katie, Kristi comes back to herself but it all turns even more sinister. The transfer of the demon explains all that happened earlier at Katie’s house. On the night, Micah, Katie’s boyfriend is murdered, and she breaks into Dan’s home, completely possessed and bloodstained, and kills both Dan and Kristi. She then leaves the house with Hunter cradling in her arms. Ali returns home to find the dead bodies of Dan and Kristi. Katie and Hunter’s whereabouts remain unknown. The movie is available in formats like DivX and DVD. Well, you can catch the film in iPod as well, thus making it suitable for you to see the film whenever you have time to do so. Also if you see the movie in the HD quality, the suspense and fear would become tangible.

Paranormal Activity 2 Movie is Directed By : Tod Williams

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paranormal activity 2
Nov 03,2010
A real good movie...
Oct 22,2010
A real good movie..
Oct 13,2010
the trailer looks so amazing dying to watch the whole movie..