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Paranormal Activity

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Release Date:Sep 25,2009

Category: Thriller

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 4.2

Views: 354119

Comments: 19

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Plot : Paranormal Activity is a horrifying bizarre thriller movie directed by Oren Peli. This movie features appalling recording of a demonic troubling. In this movie, it is shown that how Katie and Micah, who were enjoying a contented, cheery life and were expecting a promising future. But then sudden bizarre events started occurring at nights. Katie was not unknown to such paranormal happenings, as she had been followed by a malicious entity since her childhood, and she was frightened that it had also followed her to their new home. Then they purchased a video camera to unravel what actually was happening at night as they slept. Then for about three weeks, they examined and captured ineffaceable evidence on home video, which has been adapted into the feature film Paranormal Activity.

Paranormal Activity movie is Directed By : Oren Peli

Starring : Katie Featherston, Micah Sloat, Mark Friedrichs, Amber Armstrong, Ashley Palmer

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majorie A. juanitez
Sep 24,2011
so scary!!!
Jul 12,2010
This one is a superb horror movie.
Feb 09,2010
Jan 21,2010
freaking scary but really awesome (:
T satya murthy
Jan 12,2010
Jan 09,2010
Dec 27,2009
Wow...I thought that this movie was frackin Kreepy! But good!
Dec 24,2009
Simply cool! Watching Paranormal Activity movie is like having great thrill. :)
khaled almajed
Dec 16,2009
i like paronormal activity
Dec 06,2009