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October Baby

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Release Date:Mar 23,2012

Category: Drama

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Plot: October Baby is a heart rending movie of a girl who has suffered a lot in the very early days or I should say minutes of her life. This film follows the life of a girl named Hannah who is a young college going girl, she has gone through a lot of health related issues in her life especially in her childhood but after proper medications and treatments, she triumphed over the problems and now is healthy. Watch October Baby online and you would come to know that all her problems are not yet over, as it is just the beginning. The problems starts to surface when she collapses before even saying the opening lines of the play she is participating in. After the tragic incident, she goes through various tests that determine that all the problems she had gone through is because of her unusual delivery and also she is an adopted child. Her original or biological mother tried to abort her in her 24th week but luckily Hannah survived the abortion. But the abortion developed some complications in her and that is why she collapsed. Hannah is upset and furious after she learned the bitter truth of her life. After you download October Baby you would know that Hannah along with her cherished childhood buddy Jason go on a mission to find some answers about her life. She is looking for her true self as she still hasn’t come to terms that she has been adopted and her original mother intended to kill before even she was born. This film is not only about the agony of a young girl but also about how she takes charge of her life and look for answers that would make her understand the situation she is in and gone through in the past and also her perspective to look at life is going to change drastically. Watch this film and enjoy it with your loved ones.

October Baby Movie Directed By: Andrew Erwin, Jon Erwin

Starrings: Rachel Hendrix, Jason Burkey,John Schneider

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