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No Strings Attached

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Release Date:Jan 21,2011

Category: Romance / Comedy

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 4.0

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Olivia Thirlby
Ashton Kutcher
Natalie Portman
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Plot : No Strings Attached is a film based on two best buddies, Emma and Adam. Both are employed in two completely opposite industries with Emma working at a hospital, and Adam in a TV show as assistant. However, Adam’s life takes a U-turn when his father gets romantically involved with Adam’s ex-girlfriend, Vanessa. Disturbed with his father’s deeds, he dials the number of every girl in his phonebook. The following morning, Adam finds himself in Emma’s residence. He comes to know that he drank too much the night before, and indulged in a physical relation with Emma! Since Emma doesn’t believe in love, she sets some parameters to avoid their relation from getting serious. Everything goes as per the commitment, but soon, Adam begins to feel envious, when Emma works with other doctors. And finally on Valentine’s Day, Adam reveals his feelings to Emma. But, she refuses to accept him and furiously suggests him to find another woman, who can keep him happy. Eventually, Adam gets involved with Lucy, who is the production assistance. In the meantime, Emma realizes that she has done wrong to Adam, and wants to be with him. When she goes to Adam’s house, she finds him with Lucy, which leaves Emma heartbroken. In the meantime, Adam’s father tries to commit suicide, because he gets dumped by Vanessa. In the hospital, Vanessa reveals to Adam, that she doesn’t want to spend her life with an aged person. Now, the path of both Emma and Adam are undecided. See if anything else is also common in their relationship.

No Strings Attached Movie is Directed By : Ivan Reitman

Starring : Natalie Portman, Ashton Kutcher, Cary Elwes, Kevin Kline, Olivia Thirlby, Lake Bell


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