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Release Date:Sep 23,2011

Category: Drama

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 4.4

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Brad Pitt
Robin Wright
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Plot : A baseball club in Oakland finds it difficult to stand against its degenerated financial condition. As a result, the team’s performance drops down many levels; leave aside the dreams of becoming a competitive side. Billy Beane, the manager of the baseball team, Oakland A, takes a rather hard job of bringing back the club on track. Will Billy be able to do that? What kind of shortcomings he would face in building a team that has already lost its hope? Watch Moneyball online and find out how he uses computer-generated analysis to catapult this team towards success. The biographical sports drama is based on the real-life tale of Oakland Athletics GM, Billy Beane. The inspirational movie puts a light on the amount of pressure the managers of teams have to face, irrespective of their circumstances. It’s simply intriguing to watch and understand the economics of a club at the face of an unfavorable financial condition. The movie is not just a witty take on the game of baseball, but looks deeper into a society reeling under heavy monetary deficits. Billy has to work within a straightjacket and prove to the world that use of computer analysis in sports can do wonders, without much of financial support. This film establishes an old saying that hard work and use of innovative ideas never go unpaid. The games of money and baseball have been interwoven to bring out a gripping biographical comedy-drama.

Moneyball Movie is Directed By : Bennett Miller

Starring : Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill, Robin Wright, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Chris Pratt, Kathryn Morris, Glenn Morshower, Tammy Blanchard

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Sep 23,2011
I am a great fan of Brad Pitt. I have never missed any movie of him. He is truly a great personality. He performed so well in this movie too..