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Mean Girls 2

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Release Date:Jan 23,2011

Category: Comedy

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 4.1

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Plot : Girls are believed to be sweet, effervescent and charming. But, when they become mean, they can blow up your minds with their strategic means and crabbiness. A Melanie Mayron directorial venture, Mean Girls 2 is a sequel to one of the cult classics, Mean Girls that shattered all the blockbuster records. The tableau stars fresh faces like Meaghan Jette Martin, Jennifer Stone, Nicole Anderson, Maiara Walsh, Claire Holt and hunk Diego González. The plotline of this film focuses on the life of a novel high-school student named, Jo who is like every other girl with umpteen aspirations and wishes. However, one day, the girl stumbles upon a wealthy but recluse lass Abby. With the insistence of Abby’s father, Jo befriends with this outcast female at a condition that all her college expenses be borne by her father. Money allures Jo and she makes friends with Abby to take on the influential and oh-so popular group of mean girls in their school. Aficionados can catch Mean Girls 2 video and enjoy a glimpse of excessive entertainment. This conventional tableau will grip your attention and surely bewitch you with its besotting plotline.

Mean Girls 2 Movie is Directed By : Melanie Mayron

Starring : Jennifer Stone, Maiara Walsh, Meaghan Martin, Nicole Gale Anderson, Tim Meadows, Linden Ashby, Claire Holt, Diego González Boneta, Patrick Johnson

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