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Mars Needs Moms

Watch Mars Needs Moms Movie Online Here | Download Mars Needs Moms Movie

Release Date:Mar 11,2011

Category: Animation / Family

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 1.2

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Plot : Mars Needs Moms is the adaptation of a comic book, written by Berkeley Breathed. This 3D animated movie revolves around the adventures of a nine-year-old kid named Milo, who after being fed up with the nagging of his mother, feels comfort in the imagination of being a mother-less child. The imagination of life without a mother thrills him, as with no one to issue strict orders to him; he could enjoy his summer holidays without doing any daily chores. When his wish is granted, he realizes how wrong he was. Simon Wells has beautifully presented the whole struggle of this naughty kid. The movie shows how the mischievous kid gets ordered by his mother to finish the daily chores, which take away his time to play and enjoy the school holidays. His mother’s behavior turns him against her and he imagines not having a mother. The very night he expresses this desire, it gets accepted. A spaceship from Mars lands on earth and abducts his mother. Learning this, he runs behind it and in this process, his shirt gets stuck in it and even he gets carried along with it. On reaching Mars, he is astonished to see their technology and learns that after every 25 years, aliens from the Mars come to earth to kidnap a mother from here, so that they can create motherly love, which would help them to raise their robotic children. There he meets another earthling, Gribble, who becomes his friend and along with him, Milo promises himself that he will rescue his mother and would take his mother back to earth. In his mission, he is assisted by Ki, a friendly solider. Watch Mars Needs Moms movie to know whether he manages to accomplish his mission or not!

Mars Needs Moms Movie is Directed By : Simon Wells

Starring : Seth Green, Joan Cusack, Dan Fogler, Elisabeth Harnois, Mindy Sterling, Kevin Cahoon

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