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Release Date:Apr 20,2012

Category: Documentary / Musical / Biography

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Plot: Bob Marley- musician, legend, prophet, the face of youth- words can never be enough to describe him. Kevin MacDonald celebrates his life and introduces the audience to the man who became a reggae legend and much more. He became a star in the world of music before he passed away in 1981. He was just 36. We have heard and read a lot about Bob, but when you watch Marley online you will get to see the people who have been an important part of his life, and shaped the Bob we know and read about. His life was full problems and pain, but he emerged as a victor by overcoming all the obstacles one after another. Music played a big role in his life as through music he reached out to many people across the globe and shared what he had in his heart. Bob was born in Jamaica, but not the Jamaica which is frequently equaled to heaven. The documentary reveals that he lived in a small shack-like house when he was a kid, and had only the mere basic necessities to sustain life. The world knows very little about his father. All that we know is that he was a white, and because of having a mixed race culture, Bob was constantly looking for an answer. His musical representation is a proof of that. Download Marley as it is the journey of man who became a star from almost nothing. The documentary features rare footages of Bob, and musical concerts and interviews with the people who were close to him. It also showcases a candid interview of Bob’s first music teacher and she reveals the first song that Bob learned to play. This documentary is an extensive information bank on everything Bob, and it would have been impossible without the Marley family. A must watch for fans who want to know about this marvelous human being!

Marley Movie Directed by: Kevin Macdonald

Starrings: Bob Marley,  Ziggy Marley,  Rita Marley,  Jimmy Cliff

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