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Manuela y Manuel

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Release Date:Mar 26,2010

Category: Comedy

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 3.5

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Plot : Manuela YManuel is a comedy movie, directed by Raul Marchand Sanchez. The movie chronicles a transgender artist Manuela, who has to play a man, for the sake of her best friend Coca. Manuela was born as a boy, but since long, she has liked to live like girls. But on the request of her friend, she has to go for her earlier self as a boy. One day, her close pal Coca visits her, and says that she is pregnant from a one night stand with her boyfriend. And now it’s quite difficult for Coca to reveal the reality in front of her traditional parents.So, she has to present someone as her fiancé, the father of her child. And for that, Coca convinces Manuela to turn into Manuel, and to be the father of baby. As these two friends have to depict what they are not, it creates lots of fun and humor in the movie. Manuela finds it difficult to play a boy, as she never expected it before. So, you can watch Manuela Y Manuel video, what these friends go through.

Manuela y Manuel movie is Directed By : Raúl Marchand Sánchez

Starring : Humberto Busto, Elena Iguina, Marian Pabon, Luz María Rondón, Ineabelle Colón, Sunshine Logroño

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May 07,2010
This movie exceeded my expectations from it. Nice Comedy! Thanks!