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Making The Boys

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Release Date:Nov 05,2010

Category: Documentary

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Plot : With the legal enforcement of act 377, director Crayton Robey unleashed his urge to make the first-ever gay play and ensuing Hollywood movie to interact with the mainstream audience. The movie revolves around the drama, struggle and enduring legacy of ‘Beloved’ to provide gays with the social acceptance. On the eve of the 40th anniversary of the Gay Rights Movement, producer Douglas Tirola, Susan Bedusa and Crayton Robey re-stirred the controversy of gay-community by adapting ‘The Boys in the Band’ play which sparked the debate four decades ago. The insightful issue like homosexuality has been dealt accurately in the documentary to sensitize the general public about the same. As you view Making the Boys video, you will become conscious that it is an exceptionally well-shot documentary that has portrayed the gay community and their prerogatives. ‘The Boys in the Band’ is the inspirational source of this movie which speaks about the much-talked about and hyped issues like bisexuality and gays. Featuring Mart Crowley, Laurence Luckinbill, Edward Albee, Paul Rudnick, Robert Wagner, Michael Cunningham and Tony Kushner, the movie also stars William Freidkin; the Oscar-winning director of the ‘BOYS’.

Making The Boys Movie is Directed By : Crayton Robey

Starring : Cheyenne Jackson, Edward Albee, Larry Kramer, Mart Crowley, Michael Cunningham, Michael Musto, Paul Rudnick, Robert Wagner, Stephen Tropiano

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The play ‘The Boys in the Band’ was an overnight sensation at the Broadway and created a commotion in Hollywood, being the first ever gay movie. Have you viewed this path-breaking documentary? If not, then do download Making the Boys movie from here and be a part of the historic impression that it left on viewers. It can be viewed in excellent sound and video quality, with every hue and tint urging you to watch ‘Making the Boys’ online and pay a tribute to the whole homosexual community. Having said that, I would suggest the reader to analyze this vivid documentary in all perspectives. You can do the same by viewing it in different formats like DVD and DivX quality. The site also supports getting you the movie for iPod too. For those, who want to make things much easier, buy Making The Boys online from here. Apart from featuring the extensive footage from the period accompanied, the movie also casts explicit interviews, with the cast and crew of the play. So, why to miss out on something as worthy as this! Get started right now to enjoy the ecstasy of the best possible video and audio quality with us.

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